Williston North Dakota, and National Auto Hail Repair Teams and Hail Storm Management

Williston ND, Springfield IL, Grand Forks, ND. Champaign, IL. Taylorville, IL.

Bring your vehicle into Alpine Auto Glass here in Williston for a free estimate.

We have teams currently working or have worked for or assisted local companies in Grand Forks North Dakota,  Marion Indiana, Dallas Texas, Pensacola, Florida.  Weirton, West Virginia. Steubenville, Ohio. Wintersville, Ohio. Westfield, New York. Lamar, Colorado. Springfield, Illinois. Indianapolis, Indiana.  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.   We are here to help you.

We are the Auto hail repair experts, trusted by every insurance company and most importantly by our customers.  We work for you and not your insurance company. .   When a shop has to deal with auto hail damage, the first 14-21 days after the storm is one of the most important time.  Many customers are dealing with more than one insurance claim.  Usually the local PDR guy is not equipped to handle the influx of work and will need help.  This is where we come in. We come in and work with body shops and local PDR technicians, we are fully insured and have a great reputation around the United States.  With over 80 years of combined service inside the Paintless Dent Removal  Industry, we are equipped to deal with any automotive insurance claim, with the latest in estimating software and specialized tools, we work with all insurance adjusters and go far above to make our customers 100% satisfied.  Pueblo Colorado and Dallas in 2018, and in March 2017 we worked the Shelbyville, IL hail storm, May 2017 we were in Indianapolis, IN and in July 2017 we were in Minneapolis MN, working two shops till the storm clean-up was over.   We also return if needed even only for one or two vehicles. Between all four team members there are not many storms that we have not helped or been apart of the restoration process throughout the United States.

Williston ND, Wintersville Ohio 2020, plus Champaign, Bloomington and Springfield Illinois, and Pensacola Florida .

We have left every customer 100% satisfied with high quality hail removal.

We are growing and if you are interested in becoming our partner, please contact us.  Bodyshops, detail shops, accessories shops,  glass shops,  local dent techs who are looking to build a brick and mortar business, we offer marketing and storm management training, and a complete file system to keep your customers vehicles organized.

Automotive Hail Repair Experts

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Paintless dent removal for all your automotive hail restoration needs.  We work directly with your insurance company.  If you have seen our commercial, than we are close to you and working with a local auto body repair shop or Paintless Dent Removal technician.

1. File a claim with your insurance company
2. Schedule an appointment with us for a free estimate at Alpine Auto Glass.
3. Schedule repair.
That easy!   100% Lifetime warranty on all repairs.

About Us

Michael Bocek

Year started 1994
ARC Master Technician
From: Springfield, Illinois,
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Storm Currently Working:  Lamar Colorado/ Springfield, IL 
Level:  MASTER

Rob Becker 

Michael Bocek Jr
Year started: 2020
From: Springfield, IL
Storm Currently Working:  West, Virginia 
Level:  Storm Management/Removal and Installation 

Daniel Burton
Year started 2021
TRAINING:  Storm Management, Estimating, and PDR Tech
Currently Working:  Lamar Colorado


Pensacola/Orange Beach Hail Storm 2021

Our team was called to Pensacola in March of 2021 for the massive hail storm in Orange Beach. We pushed through over 100+ Vehicles until the local company was conformable with handling the rest of the storm. Here are some of the images of the damage that we got to help through the restoration process.

Shreveport Louisiana Auto Hail Repair

Shreveport Auto Hail Repair http://HailRepairTeam.com This Toyota Camry recieved thousands of dents from a hail storm in Shreveport Louisiana in April of 2018, This vehicle was returned to pre-storm condition by Michael Bocek out of Springfield, IL  All painted surfaces were returned to pre-storm condition plus a few door dings removed from the vehicle. All …