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"This team of independent technicians/owners are by far some of the best in the world, they care more for the customer and the safety of the occupants of the vehicle than the money, which to me as the founder is the most important character trait in this industry. Not only the lives of the occupants our in our hands, but everyone on the road also.  We care! To be on this list of companies is no small thing!  They have been watched, they have been secretly audited. This is important to me because one of my children, or grandchildren maybe on the same path some day and meet in unfortunate event, and I want to know that all factory crash and all factory integrity are maintained during any repairs.  If they are looking for someone "cheaper" then so be it.  Vehicles are computers today, it's a spiderweb of wires all through a vehicle that is designed to protect the passengers in the passenger compartment. We represent the customer."   Michael Bocek Founder

Champaign Illinois Hail Storm 2020

We just finished up a hail storm in Wintersville Ohio, which Michael Bocek worked 7 days a week for over 5 months. With little time off. He goes home for the winter, and then get a call to Champaign Illinois where Michael has done door dings for years, even back to when HPR was a…

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Orange Beach Be LIke

Pensacola/Orange Beach Hail Storm 2021

Our team was called to Pensacola in March of 2021 for the massive hail storm in Orange Beach. We pushed through over 100+ Vehicles until the local company was conformable with handling the rest of the storm. Here are some of the images of the damage that we got to help through the restoration process.

Read More Sharp dent across body line on the rail of this 2016 Toyota Camry that was caught in the Shreveport hail storm in April 2018

Shreveport Louisiana Auto Hail Repair

Shreveport Auto Hail Repair This Toyota Camry recieved thousands of dents from a hail storm in Shreveport Louisiana in April of 2018, This vehicle was returned to pre-storm condition by Michael Bocek out of Springfield, IL  All painted surfaces were returned to pre-storm condition plus a few door dings removed from the vehicle. All…

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